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Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Feature, Web |

3 Free Typing Websites for the Classroom


In NASCAR MPH is crucial to being successful. In today’s high-tech world WPM (words per minute) is king. If you’re a teacher, then you know the amount of paperwork you have to fill out on a daily basis. Lesson plans, notes, data entry, and email, email, email (and more email) can become overwhelming. Learning to touch type can save you hours of time. More importantly, your students need to be able to type at rapid speeds to remain competitive in the future. Most students can type quickly on a phone with their thumbs, but real work takes place on a keyboard. A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of online typing games and tutorials. These top three sites are student and teacher approved. .

    Keybr is an minimalist typing tutor that would probably work for older students. The web app works on all devices because it doesn’t use Flash. You can try it out without signing up, but creating an account allows you to keep track of statistics over time. Keybr just works and doesn’t get in your way. Out of the three…it’s my favorite.
  2. Typing Web
    Typing Web is the best site for managing your class. Teachers can sign up and track student progress, assign grades, and print reports. Students can earn trophies as they progress. Typing Web is free and works on all devices.
  3. Dance Mat Typing
    BBC has great educational resources. Dance Mat Typing is a fun game your students can play as they learn typing. The British accent keeps things interesting.
  4. BONUS: Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs – With a name like that Ninja Cat should be the most popular game in the world!